The Importance of Music in Fiction

I am a music lover.  Always have been.  It’s probably my biggest passion behind writing.  I like all genres with the exceptions of modern-day pop, country & dance.  My favorite music by far is good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.  Sixties, Seventies, some Eighties, some Nineties.   Using music in writing is every bit as important to me as the setting & character description.  I chose specific songs to enhance a scene or give the reader a clue to a character’s personality.  If you’re familiar with the song or artist, then you will instantly glean a correct impression of that character.  In my novel, which takes place between the great musical years of 1964-1977, I set a dinner party scene with John Coltrane’s classic jazz album, “Blue Train”.  This gives an idea of intelligence to the character who is being highlighted as well as a sophisticated & relaxed air to the scene.  Another hint to personalities is to name a character’s favorite group (John Clark’s is the Allman Bros. while his brother Pete’s favorite album is “Electric Music for the Mind & Body” by Country Joe & the Fish).  Music is so important to me & by extension, my characters, that I cannot imagine writing without it.


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