Battling Depression Through Writing

I have depression.  And anxiety.  I used to take medication for these conditions, but after ten years of not having any real feelings about anything and gaining ten pounds, I stopped using it.  Now I’m back to being subjected to intense emotional swings, near debilitating anxiety and crying spells.  Do I regret stopping the medication.  No, not at all.  I lost ten years of emotion and I need to feel to write.  My characters are deeply rooted extensions of myself.  Their emotions are mine and I want to share what they feel and experience accurately.  So I sit in front of my computer and tap out scenes that I hope convey realistic emotion.  I also use my novel and the upcoming sequel as an escape from myself through my characters.  Being artistic and having an emotional temperament is difficult for logical types to understand.  And having this type of personality makes it very difficult to hold down traditional jobs.  My mind is constantly in my fantasy world and that is where I like to be.  I think this makes me a good writer, but creates for me a difficult existence in this world.  I am sure that other creators will understand how I feel.  Just wanted to share this as I’m having a particularly difficult day today.  Back to writing…


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