Amazon Author Page Likes Linked to More Promotions

Fellow authors say that getting “likes” on your Author Page on Amazon will encourage them to promote your book, so can everyone please just click on this and like it?

Kindle Download Still in Progress

Download “Red, White & Blues” for only $1.99 for the next hour, then it goes up to $2.99. Still a deal for a 760 page novel that you’ll LOVE!!

Kindle Countdown Is On!

Only one more hour left to download “Red, White & Blues” for only .99! Will go up to $1.99…


I am running a Kindle Countdown for “Red, White & Blues” beginning tomorrow, July 4th. Downloads will start at just .99 and go up from there incrementally until ending at $4.99 on July 10th! SHARE THE NEWS!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT & DON’T FORGET TO REVIEW & RECOMMEND!!