Buying a Used Motorcycle

Harley Dyna usedA used motorcycle is oftentimes a better option than buying a brand new one.  For first time buyers, it is a good idea to purchase something less expensive and then work your way up to that shiny new bike after some time in the saddle.  This allows you to get a better idea and feel for what you would like in a new bike should you want to go that route in the future.

In 2001, I made the exciting yet very wrong decision of purchasing a brand new Harley-Davidson Sportster 883C.  My riding experience consisted of taking the California Safety Course and just squeaking by in order to pass and receive my M1 license.  My very patient brother, who had been tasked with teaching me to ride, noticed how careful I was with my Harley and suggested that I was so afraid of damaging the bike that it would be nearly impossible for me to take the chances necessary to learn to ride it.  At around 500 lbs., the Harley was heavy and even the relatively low cc’s were too powerful for a novice rider.  Consequently, I dropped the bike not once but twice, damaging the tank, grips, foot pegs and many other bits and pieces.  Devastated, my confidence dwindled and I ended up selling “Jesse” in 2005.

Whatever type of motorcycle you are interested in purchasing, it is important to think about what type of riding you will be doing.  While a sport bike may appeal to you because of their agility and reputation for racing and high speeds, these bikes can be dangerous for inexperienced riders.  If you have some experience with dirt bikes, you might want to consider a dual-sport bike, which is essentially a street legal dirt bike.  If you plan to use the bike for commuting or some weekend trips, a cruiser is a good choice and most all manufacturers offer some take on this option, which is most commonly associated with Harley-Davidson.  Standard bikes, which resemble sport bikes, but don’t have the forward riding position or power, are also a good option for this type of riding.  When you’re looking at motorcycles for long-distance and extended time on the road, a touring bike is the best choice.  These bikes usually have larger fuel capacity tanks, comfortable seats, storage, windshields, radios, and all the bells and whistles for a luxurious riding experience.

Other things to consider when purchasing a motorcycle are insurance costs as well as how much you will need to budget for proper riding gear that should include a good quality helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and eye wear should the helmet you choose not have a face shield.

Buying a used motorcycle from a reputable dealer like OC Motorcycle is probably a better idea than finding one being sold by a private party.  While you won’t have the option of not paying taxes, you gain many more perks in its place.  The bikes offered at OC Motorcycle are well-cared for, road tested and go through a rigorous 70 point inspection.  OC Motorcycle also has a generous 60 day warranty on all their used bikes.  Current offerings can be viewed here on the website and new ones are constantly being added to the fleet assuring that you will find just the right motorcycle!

OC Motorcycle can also maintain your bike, whether new or used.  A factory-trained mechanic is always on hand to perform oil changes, recommended mileage maintenance, customization and much more.

Remember that a motorcycle is usually not a necessity, so be sure and buy one that you will enjoy riding.  The staff at OC Motorcycle live the lifestyle and can provide excellent guidance and advice in finding that perfect used bike be it a sport bike or cruiser.


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