Motorcycle Maintenance: 5000 Miles

Motorcycle Dash

So you’ve spent the past six months or so riding your new bike and racking up a lot of road miles and fun. Your mileage has climbed to 5000 and guess what-it’s time for another service maintenance.

At the 5000 mile mark, your bike will need to have another oil change, of course, but you may not need to replace the filter. If it looks dirty or you feel that it might be clogged or affecting the bike’s performance, go ahead and change it, but generally you can replace the oil filter every other time you change the oil.
Inspections and necessary lubrication on the clutch and brake levers, brake pedal pivot points, side stand pivot, cables and chain (if applicable) should be done at this juncture as well.

Several other things should be checked and replaced if necessary at the 5000 mile mark. In fact, the 5000 mile or six month service is fairly extensive, but if you take care of it all, you will avoid a lot of potential problems or dangerous situations over the lifetime of your motorcycle.

This might be a good time to get a certified mechanic like the ones at OC Motorcycle to perform the services and inspections needed as he or she will know exactly what to look for. A well-trained mechanic will likely look at your fuel and exhaust systems. In addition, they will check the cooling, brake and clutch systems. The air filter, cables, lights and signals, carburetor, forks and battery will also be checked over very carefully.  During these inspections, parts will be cleaned, tightened or adjusted and worn out parts replaced.

Remember that if you are not comfortable performing these services on your bike or simply don’t have the time or effort to do it, always make an appointment with a certified mechanic like the ones at OC Motorcycle. It is very important to not ignore these suggested maintenance schedules. Your motorcycle is constantly being exposed to the elements and the bumps and grinds of the road, making it vulnerable to all kinds of problems that can be solved with little money and effort if addressed regularly.

Be sure and always do a cursory check on your cables, fluids, tires and lights before going out to ride anywhere. Paying close attention to your bike will always pay off.


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