Motorcycle Maintenance – The Beginning

adam oc motorcycle

If you have chosen to purchase a brand new motorcycle, you will need to have it serviced after the first six months or 1000 miles.  This first motorcycle service is extremely important and should be carried out by a specifically trained motorcycle mechanic like we have here at OC Motorcycle.

New motorcycles require service and adjustments at this point in order to keep them running optimally and getting this scheduled should be a priority in order to not cause serious damage (literally) down the road.

A trained motorcycle mechanic will be knowledgeable about what your bike needs at the six month or 1000 mile marker.  This service will likely include an oil and filter change, valve clearance, belt tension check and if the bike has a chain, lubrication will be done as well as a tension check.  The idle speed will be checked as well as synchronization of the valves.  Visual inspections will be made to the brake system and fluid as well as the control cables; the clutch and cables or fluid for hydraulic systems; all signals, switches and lights and fasteners like the axle, handlebars, steering stem and calipers will be checked as well.

You should also be proactive in the health and maintenance of your motorcycle.  Be sure to keep a low-pressure gauge handy to check tire pressure before every ride and check the oil level as well.  This should be done while the bike is still cold and on level ground.  An overall cursory inspection of your motorcycle before every ride will help you to become familiar with your bike’s specifics and you will notice more easily if something has changed or is a potential danger.  Always refer to your motorcycle’s specific owner’s manual for information.

If you need more in-depth help or information, contacting OC Motorcycle is the best option.  There is always someone on hand to help and if they do not know the answer right away can get back to you as soon as they do.

If you have a new motorcycle that needs its first scheduled service, please call to make an appointment.  We have Saturday appointments as well as weekdays.


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