Motorcycle Maintenance: 10,000 Miles

Goldwing Dash

By this point, you should be comfortable and familiar enough with your motorcycle to notice any changes or possible issues that may arise in regards to maintenance and service.

Since you have been diligent about your service thus far, the 10,000 mile maintenance shouldn’t hold any surprises and is basically the same as what was performed at the 5,000 mile marker.

The oil and filter will need to be changed at this time as well as the spark plug. Lubrication of the brake and clutch lever as well as the brake pedal pivot points; side stand pivot, cables and chain (if applicable) will be done just as they were at your last major service.

Observation and inspection are always critical components when keeping a motorcycle safe and in great riding condition. The mechanics at OC Motorcycles know exactly what to look for and will carefully look over many operational parts on your bike at this time including wheel bearings, steering stem bearings, shocks and spokes (if applicable). Everything that was inspected at your 5000 miles service will also be done at this time: fuel and exhaust systems; the cooling, brake and clutch systems; the air filter, cables, lights and signals, carburetor, forks and battery will all be checked over very carefully. During these inspections, parts will be cleaned, tightened or adjusted and worn out parts replaced.

By this time, the mechanics at OC Motorcycle will likely be familiar with your bike, the type of riding that you do and most importantly, you as a fellow rider and enthusiast, so they will be able to suggest ways that will help keep you and your two-wheeled friend safely and happily traveling down the highway for years to come.


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