Motorcycle Maintenance: 15,000 Miles

EVAP cannister

At approximately the 15,000 mile marker (or 18 months), your motorcycle will be ready for another service. If you’ve been diligent about your previous services, this one will be a breeze, but there may be a few extra things that will need to be inspected at this point, depending on your bike’s usage and care.

Of course the oil will need to be changed, but the filter is optional this time. The mechanics at OC Motorcycle will be able to tell you whether the filter is dirty or worn enough to warrant replacing.

All of the standard cables, chain (if applicable), brake and clutch levers, etc will need to be lubricated and inspected. Again, everything that looked over at your last two services will be repeated: fuel and exhaust systems; the cooling, brake and clutch systems; the air filter, cables, lights and signals, carburetor, forks and battery will all be checked over very carefully. During these inspections, parts will be cleaned, tightened or adjusted and worn out parts replaced.

The one important addition to the inspection at this mile marker is your EVAP (Evaporative Emissions System) system, which was designed and implemented to prevent gasoline vapors from escaping into the air. Here in California, all new Harley-Davidsons have been fitted with a fuel vapor canister to help keep emissions low, but motorcycles purchased outside the state of California do not have this canister.

Talk to your mechanic at OC Motorcycle about any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the fuel vapor canister or anything else that you may be uncertain about. If you haven’t already, this is also a good time to think about perhaps customizing your bike to make it more pleasing aesthetically as well as in form and function. OC Motorcycle can help you in this arena as well, so call to make an appointment soon!


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