Collision Repair

motorcycle crash1

Well, it’s happened. That old motorcycle riding adage spoken by all seasoned riders has finally hit home: “There are only two kinds of riders-the ones that have had an accident and the ones that will”.

I remember my two accidents very well. Both were at low speed and both did not involve another vehicle of any kind. You might think that not much damage could be done in these situations, but you’d be wrong. My brand new Harley Sportster needed a lot of not just cosmetic work, but repairs to make it ride-able again.

The first thing to do is lick your wounds, make sure you’re okay (on the second accident, I suffered “water on the knee” and was on disability for 4 weeks) and then find a motorcycle repair shop that can do collision work.

OC Motorcycle has experience with collision repair work and can help you get your bike road-ready again. There is bound to be some feelings of failure or sadness whenever you “lay your bike down”, especially if it is your own fault, but the great people at OC Motorcycle understand this and will not make you feel any worse because you had a fall. I know I was pretty devastated, mostly about the damage that had been done to my bike.

Discuss with your mechanic what repairs need to be done in order to get the bike up and running safely again first and then talk about the cosmetic work, which many times can dealt with simultaneously.

Once you’re feeling better about things, this may also be a perfect time for you to consider doing some customizing or modifications since the bike needs work anyway. Changing a few things on your bike after an accident is a good way to help you put the past behind you and move forward and some modifications can actually help you to avoid an accident in the future. Maybe your seat wasn’t the most comfortable one for you or the controls should have been moved forward. The handlebars might work better if they were drag bars or the grips might need extra surfacing for better traction.

The best thing you can do after an accident is dust yourself off and get back in the saddle. Making an appointment at OC Motorcycle to discuss what needs to be done to your baby will go a long way toward making that a reality.


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