Washing and Detailing Your Bike

bike wash

Washing and waxing your motorcycle probably isn’t one of your favorite activities, but keeping up with it not only makes you and your motorcycle look great, but has several other benefits as well.

By keeping you bike clean and free of dirt, residue, oil, grime, grease, etc. will maintain not only the integrity of its beauty, but decrease its devaluation. Also, dirt, dust and residue can affect your bike’s performance by clogging up parts and lines.

At OC Motorcycle, they only use one specific product for washing and detailing not only their on-site bikes, but their customers’ bikes as well. MA-FRA Daytona Shampoo, which is manufactured in Italy, is a multi-purpose, organic, non-acid shampoo and wax in one.

MA-FRA is safe for the environment and safe for your motorcycle’s paint, wax and parts as acid-based products can reduce the value of your bike over time by damaging the paint, sealant, wax and chrome. This product will also keep your wheels free from collecting brake dust and other contaminates.

OC Motorcycle will wash and wax your bike by hand very carefully and thoroughly before rinsing it with soft water only that will eliminate water spots that can be left behind with hard water.

MA-FRA products can be purchased right next door to OC Motorcycle at Weiss Auto Care. Stop by and take a look at the line and talk to business owner and car detailing specialist Rafiq, who is a longtime user of MA-FRA, the only products he uses and with great results.

Make an appointment at OC Motorcycle and have the professionals detail your bike for you. Just like with any cleaning job, it’s always preferable to have some someone else do it!


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