Day Ride: The Rock Store

the rock store

By far the most famous biker destination in Southern California, the Rock Store has been welcoming the biker community since 1961 when owners Ed and Vern (Veronica) Savko purchased the old building and first turned it into a grocery store.

The Rock Store is world-famous, appearing in movies, commercials, videos and photo shoots as well as hosting many special events, bike shows, etc. Popular with the rich and famous as well as us “Average Joes”, it’s not unlikely to catch Jay Leno, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Harrison Ford in the parking lot.

The Rock Store is located on famous Mulholland Hwy, just off Pacific Coast Hwy in the town of Cornell. After picking up your rental bike at EagleRider Newport Beach, head north on the 405 before merging onto I-10 W toward Santa Monica. This will become CA-1 and you’ll take this beautiful road toward Malibu Canyon Road. When you reach Mulholland Hwy turn left and the Rock Store will be on the left-hand side about 6 miles down (30354 Mulholland Hwy).

The Rock Store is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so you’ll have to brave the traffic and crowds to get there. They serve breakfast as early as 7:00AM and close at 6:00PM. Because of the close proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains and all of the amazing roads and rides nearby, you’ll see all types of bikes in the lot, ranging from sport bikes to cruisers and choppers.

I suggest heading out on this ride very early so that you can enjoy some of the spectacular roads in the area. Unfortunately, many are known to local law enforcement as well and if you’re not careful, you may get stopped so watch yourself.

 tuna cyn rd

Tuna Canyon Road is one of the more well-known routes and you can pick it up from Mulholland Hwy by heading north for about ten miles, turning right on Stunt Rd, which becomes Saddle Peak Rd, and then right onto Tuna Canyon Rd. This is a ONE WAY road, heading north to south, mostly downhill toward the coast with no guardrails. This road can be very dangerous; it is full of hairpin turns, so it is wise to watch your speed, make sure your brakes are in optimal condition and take your time.

This road will end up at CA-1, so getting back to the freeway and EagleRider Newport Beach is easy from here. However, if you have time, there are many interesting, scenic and very fun roads nearby, including Old Topanga Canyon, which is practically next door to Tuna Canyon.


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