Use a GoPro to Capture Your Motorcycle Rides


With technology moving at the speed of light, it is easier than ever to share your motorcycle rides with your friends and family or even online with everyone.

GoPro, the mountable camera that is specifically designed for capturing action, was invented by surfer Nick Woodman in 2002. Since then, it’s evolved into the most versatile and popular recorders of our time.

There are several GoPro models ranging in price from $130.00 up to $500.00. In addition, there are many different methods for mounting the camera to various body parts, helmets, bike parts. By comparison, the mounts are extremely affordable, starting at $15.00 and going up to around $60.00.

While mounting the GoPro to your helmet is the easiest way to get footage, it’s the most common method out there. There are three different positions that the camera can be mounted-the top, side or chin. All of these will provide a nice POV, but can be a little disorienting to the viewer with your head movements. Also, the added profile can cause wind drag.

GoPros can also be mounted to the chest with a special harness. This method is good for off-road riding and for highlighting the handlebars and controls.

It can actually be much better to mount the GoPro to various parts of your bike. Several places can accommodate the camera including the handlebars, crash bars, passenger pegs or even the tail end of the bike. Each position provides a different POV, most are secure and unencumbered, but most can be affected by bike vibrations. Both GoPro and YouTube offer editing software/options to significantly reduce this for playback.

There are many different mounting gear options, or you can even get creative. Some riders have mounted the GoPro on the swing arm, the saddlebags, or even built custom mounts.

The best way to get started is to simply begin experimenting. Remember that camera settings will also have an effect of the quality of your video, so consult your manual or the Internet for user tips.

OC Motorcycles can help you with any questions you may have. They carry and sell both the GoPro cameras and accessories, so stop by today and start making your memories last.


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