A lifelong resident of Southern California (did a short 3 yr stint in GA), I am currently living in the city of Santa Ana in Orange County.  I hope one day to make Monterey, CA my home, which is where most of my novel (as well as the forthcoming sequel) takes place.

I am also a lifelong cat owner/lover and currently have two feline friends, “Deery Lou”, an 11  yr old brown & black tabby; and “Henry”, a 6 yr old orange & white cat.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to write.  As a kid, a blank piece of paper and a pen or pencil was enough to get me excited!  I worked on my novel, “Red, White & Blues” for over 20 yrs (not continuously, of course!).  In it, I combined many of my interests & fantasies.  Being born during the Sixties, I was a bit late to experience them properly, so my novel is a somewhat romanticized version of what I missed out on!

I hope that you will check out my book on either Amazon and if you like what you see, please buy a copy!  It is available in paperback (it’s a big one-766 pages) or, if you own a Kindle, you can download it from Amazon.

Please feel free to ask me questions or post your opinions about my book.  Also, if you do read it, please review it on Amazon and recommend it to others!


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