Upcoming Book Signing, Reading and Slideshow, Saturday, October 14 at Pipe & Thimble Bookstore, Lomita, CA 11AM-2PM




Book Signing at Pipe & Thimble Bookstore in Lomita, California

I will be reading from and signing copies of Red, White & Blues:  Book One” as well as playing a slideshow that will showcase events, fashion, culture and music from the years that the novel takes place:  1964-1977.

If you are in the area, please stop by!  I will have copies for sale, but if you have your own, please do not hesitate to bring it!

Thank you for your support of indie authors and bookstores!  Please be sure and review and recommend “Red, White & Blues:  Book One”!


In Honor of John Lennon’s Death

I remember the day that John Lennon was murdered very clearly.  I also remember the aftermath that seemed to stick around for years.  because this was such a pivotal event in my life and would definitely be even more so to my characters from “Red, White & Blues”, I address the situation in the sequel.  Here is the excerpt that covers the tragic event:


December 8th. Wes is trying not to nod off as he watches the final few minutes of Monday Night Football. The game is tied at thirteen; the Patriots have the ball when Howard Cosell makes the announcement.
“An unspeakable tragedy confirmed to us by ABC News in New York City: John Lennon, outside of his apartment building on the West Side of New York City, the most famous perhaps, of all of The Beatles, shot twice in the back, rushed to Roosevelt Hospital, dead on arrival. Hard to go back to the game after that news flash, which, in duty bound, we have to take.”
Wes sits up, disbelieving.
“What?” He begins to channel surf, looking for more news and finally lands on an interrupted broadcast of The Best of Carson.
“Oh God,” he mutters, his head shaking.
He picks up the phone and dials the number that Jimmy had given him.
“What?” What is it?” Sandy says, startled out of her sleep. She reaches over and turns on the bedside lamp.
“Sandy, it’s Wes Meyers. Have you heard?”
“Heard what?”
“I’m coming down there,” he says, and hangs up the phone.
When Sandy answers the door, Wes’ eyes are glassy with tears. As he tries to speak, his lips tremble.
“What?” Sandy asks alarmed.
Wes sighs, covers his face. “John Lennon’s dead,” is all he manages before breaking down.
Sandy stares uncomprehendingly.  “What? What do you mean?”
“Oh, God! He was shot! He’s dead!”
Still not understanding, Sandy puts a hand on Wes’ shoulder. He turns toward her and sobs into her chest. As he cries, she realizes that it must be true.
“No!” she says, crying herself now. “No! No!”
They hold each other, cry and talk until dawn, when exhausted, they finally fall asleep.
In the morning, the news reports come in with all of the devastating details of the murder. It seems as if the whole world has stopped spinning.
Morning Glory Café closes early. It seems that no one can stop crying long enough to take orders.
At Full Throttle, the reaction is similar. John sits in the office with Salem as the radio plays endless Beatles music behind them.
“It’s terrible,” Salem says. “He was such a peaceful man.”
“Yeah. So was Pete. I just don’t understand this world sometimes.”
The following week, Lennon’s grief-stricken widow, Yoko Ono, calls for ten minutes of silence to remember her husband. Nearly every window seems to have a candle burning behind it.
Wes has joined Sandy for the vigil and afterward, he rises from the couch and goes over to the turntable. He pulls out Double Fantasy, the last album that John had released with Yoko. Sandy squints from her spot on the couch, trying to identify the cover. Wes holds it up.
“No,” Sandy says. “Not that. I can’t take it.”
Wes nods. The personal and deeply emotional songs about their son, Sean, and their own marriage are just too sad to hear just yet. In fact, it would be years before Sandy could listen to it again.

Motorcycle Phone Mounts

iphone mount

Mounting your phone on your motorcycle can be advantageous for several different reasons. The phone can double as either a music source (when coupled with speakers or a Bluetooth), as a camera for taking pictures on the ride or as navigational tool when used with GPS.

Phone mounts come in several different styles and price ranges and you’ll need to consider your own needs when choosing the one that will work best for you. Besides the above, you’ll also need to take into consideration your phone’s specifics such as size and if it has a case or not. You may also want to consider a waterproof mount or cover to protect your phone from the elements.

While you will probably charge your phone fully before going out on a ride, you may also want to consider alternative ways to be able to charge your phone on the road. There are two different methods to do this and both are simple. The first is to simply connect the phone directly to the bike’s battery via a mini or micro USB harness. The second way is more permanent and involves mounting a USB power port on your bike’s dash, handlebars, tank, etc. and then wiring it to a switched circuit like a headlight. Once properly mounted, you’ll have a permanent and handy charging outlet that can also be used for GPS devices or cameras as well as your phone.

The staff at OC Motorcycle can help you with advice on phone mounts and covers that will work best for your individual needs, so stop in or give them a call today.

Use a GoPro to Capture Your Motorcycle Rides


With technology moving at the speed of light, it is easier than ever to share your motorcycle rides with your friends and family or even online with everyone.

GoPro, the mountable camera that is specifically designed for capturing action, was invented by surfer Nick Woodman in 2002. Since then, it’s evolved into the most versatile and popular recorders of our time.

There are several GoPro models ranging in price from $130.00 up to $500.00. In addition, there are many different methods for mounting the camera to various body parts, helmets, bike parts. By comparison, the mounts are extremely affordable, starting at $15.00 and going up to around $60.00.

While mounting the GoPro to your helmet is the easiest way to get footage, it’s the most common method out there. There are three different positions that the camera can be mounted-the top, side or chin. All of these will provide a nice POV, but can be a little disorienting to the viewer with your head movements. Also, the added profile can cause wind drag.

GoPros can also be mounted to the chest with a special harness. This method is good for off-road riding and for highlighting the handlebars and controls.

It can actually be much better to mount the GoPro to various parts of your bike. Several places can accommodate the camera including the handlebars, crash bars, passenger pegs or even the tail end of the bike. Each position provides a different POV, most are secure and unencumbered, but most can be affected by bike vibrations. Both GoPro and YouTube offer editing software/options to significantly reduce this for playback.

There are many different mounting gear options, or you can even get creative. Some riders have mounted the GoPro on the swing arm, the saddlebags, or even built custom mounts.

The best way to get started is to simply begin experimenting. Remember that camera settings will also have an effect of the quality of your video, so consult your manual or the Internet for user tips.

OC Motorcycles can help you with any questions you may have. They carry and sell both the GoPro cameras and accessories, so stop by today and start making your memories last.

Day Ride: The Rock Store

the rock store

By far the most famous biker destination in Southern California, the Rock Store has been welcoming the biker community since 1961 when owners Ed and Vern (Veronica) Savko purchased the old building and first turned it into a grocery store.

The Rock Store is world-famous, appearing in movies, commercials, videos and photo shoots as well as hosting many special events, bike shows, etc. Popular with the rich and famous as well as us “Average Joes”, it’s not unlikely to catch Jay Leno, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Harrison Ford in the parking lot.

The Rock Store is located on famous Mulholland Hwy, just off Pacific Coast Hwy in the town of Cornell. After picking up your rental bike at EagleRider Newport Beach, head north on the 405 before merging onto I-10 W toward Santa Monica. This will become CA-1 and you’ll take this beautiful road toward Malibu Canyon Road. When you reach Mulholland Hwy turn left and the Rock Store will be on the left-hand side about 6 miles down (30354 Mulholland Hwy).

The Rock Store is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so you’ll have to brave the traffic and crowds to get there. They serve breakfast as early as 7:00AM and close at 6:00PM. Because of the close proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains and all of the amazing roads and rides nearby, you’ll see all types of bikes in the lot, ranging from sport bikes to cruisers and choppers.

I suggest heading out on this ride very early so that you can enjoy some of the spectacular roads in the area. Unfortunately, many are known to local law enforcement as well and if you’re not careful, you may get stopped so watch yourself.

 tuna cyn rd

Tuna Canyon Road is one of the more well-known routes and you can pick it up from Mulholland Hwy by heading north for about ten miles, turning right on Stunt Rd, which becomes Saddle Peak Rd, and then right onto Tuna Canyon Rd. This is a ONE WAY road, heading north to south, mostly downhill toward the coast with no guardrails. This road can be very dangerous; it is full of hairpin turns, so it is wise to watch your speed, make sure your brakes are in optimal condition and take your time.

This road will end up at CA-1, so getting back to the freeway and EagleRider Newport Beach is easy from here. However, if you have time, there are many interesting, scenic and very fun roads nearby, including Old Topanga Canyon, which is practically next door to Tuna Canyon.

Old Towne Orange and Irvine Park

Orange County is known for our miles of beautiful coastline and beaches, but there’s also a lot to see inland as well.


Old Towne Orange is a great place to explore and it is only ten miles from EagleRider Newport Beach via CA-55N to Chapman Ave.

In the “Orange Circle” and up and down Glassell Ave., you will find plenty of antique malls, unique shops and lots of great restaurants and the surrounding streets are overflowing with beautiful historical homes.

Getting lost in nostalgia is easy in Old Towne Orange. It’s fun to get lost in the huge antique and consignment malls that feature all sorts of treasures from old Life magazines to record albums, comic books, jewelry, dishware, furniture, action figures and anything else you can dream up.

If you’re into 1950’s and 60’s mid-century furniture don’t miss a visit to Woody’s. Bret and Bettie Woody have an impressive collection of mid-century Danish and Heyfield Wakeman furniture for sale and can tell you anything you need to know about it.

Next door is the famous Watson’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain where you can literally step back in time and enjoy an old-fashioned hamburger lunch complete with malt or float while listening to the 1950’s jukebox.

There are lots of specialty shops in Orange that are great fun to browse. Mr. C’s Rare Records is a favorite. The selection is great here, but the prices are a bit steep. Nearby is Big Red Comics where you can find toys, games and action figures in addition to the comic books. I also recommend a stop at the Army Navy Store where you’ll find lots of great camping equipment as well as pins, patches, bumper stickers, clothing, foot ware and a selection of knives and guns.

If you want to try some of the best Cuban food in town, head over to Felix’s Continental Café. Their portions are huge and you can sit outside or in. Other great places to eat are Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen, Citrus City Grille and Bruxie’s. If you’re a vegetarian, there’s a couple of amazing places to eat. Try Rutabegorz with its laid-back, hippie vibe or Mead’s Green Door, which features a local artists’ gallery. Next door to Mead’s is a great sausage and beer joint called Linx.

If you take E. Chapman Ave all the way to Jamboree Rd, you’ll end up running into Irvine Regional Park in Santiago Canyon. This is a beautiful and sprawling park, complete with a small zoo, train rides, paddle boat rentals, horseback riding, picnic grounds and hiking trails. Well worth the extra few minute drive from Old Towne Orange.

To get back to EagleRider Newport Beach, take Jamboree to CA-405N to CA-55S, then exit at Baker St.